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of these? karen greenburg, the director of the center on national security law at fordham law school, and in washington, davis, the chief prosecutor of the guantanamo bay military trials. karen, how has it become working in recent shears, those cases that have been tried stateside in the federal court system? >> these trials have gone forward without much problem. there have been a number of difficult issues, including that will stopped the trials and halted them from time to time, but not in a way that was defin sieve. juries are satisfied. and judges satisfied. and the prosecutors and the attorneys play their role. there's no reason they can't be held in civil courts, and the trial of abu maz are a is just one more way how it begins, hown the verdicts get delivered. >> now, you mentioned treatment in custody and evidence, and we can't quickly sweep by those two things. they're very big considerations when we're talking about these cases, aren't they? these men, if they come to trial in the united states, have a history. they have been held in some cases by the united states for mor
investigative reporting on cia secret prisons. on skype, karen greenberg, director of the center on national security and sebastian gork a, military affairs fellow at the foundation for the defense of democracies. welcome, everyone, to the show. adam, 10 years since everybody at abu ghraib was exposed. i remember at the time, there was public outrage. there was this incredibly high visibility in the media, in congress, and i think there was a sense of the american public that when it gets this much attention, obviously something is going to shift. has anything shifted significantly? >> i can tell you what hasn't shifted. we are still talking about quote, unquote torture. we are talking about what the american government did to these individuals in abu ghraib and more recently, what the cia did as part of this program to detainees and black sites, you know, across eastern europe and in thailand. and it seems that the government, the u.s. government, just can't escape its past. >> karen, by not escaping its past, does it continue it's former actions? >> well, i don't know if it continues its f
if it is leading to the right jokes. joining me now is karen finney, host of msnbc's "disrupt" with karen finney and a comedian who has performed with leslie, jackie fabulous. welcome to you both. >> thank you for having me. >> karen, you weren't wild about this skit. why not? >> well, a couple things. i mean, i'm glad we're having this conversation because i get what she was trying to say about black beauty and beauty in general and what it is to as a 6'1" woman, i get where she was going with that. i just don't think -- to me it wasn't funny. and i think it's hard to make light and use slavery in comedy when we're also looking at the right wing having compared obamacare, for example, to slavery. and in some of the comments, we've heard them use and abuse sort of and undermine the horrors of slavery, talking about, as i say, obamacare and sort of other programs. in recent weeks we've got -- we're happy negros and we're picking cotton and we're singing in the fields. i mean, all of which is not true. so i think making light of that, i just don't know that i think we're there yet. but you know wh
is karen sprawl whoo administration to prevent them from collecting his health data information. karen, thanks for joining us. tell us what happened. >> so, back in 2011, on a parent blog, i heard about this deal that a nonprofit foundation that came out was doing a deal with new york state and nine other states to collect and store all of our children's identifiable school data. >> including health information? >> everything. everything. and in my particular case, my son received specialized services as a schulte with an iep. he has adhd. and as a -- his medical reports are centrally -- i mean, his school records are essentially his medical records. so i was ex trimly alarmed when i heard about this. >> i am assuming they would say that this can create a more customized ram on to your son, lead to a better educational experience. why were you concerned about them having that data? >> my main concern is that parents were left out of the equation of knowing what this was about. so, a parents being concerned about protecting our children's data and sensitive identifiable information, we
of and karen finney, host of msnbc's "disrupt with karen finney." welcome to you both. >> hey, ari. >> thanks, ari. >> richard, where do you want to begin? let's start with the fact that as i mentioned, this is too much of an anti-hillary conspiracy for fox news. >> look, i'm not questioning karl rove's judgment in any way, shape, or form. i'm just wondering if he's lost all his clients and needs to defend his reputation given that his last client took the country into a disastrous war. but that's not saying anything about his political judgment right now. at all. i just want to make that clear. >> karen, dr. finney, what do you think? >> well, remember, he was -- we thought he was bush's brain? so you know, now it seems like he's a little scrambled. but this is -- what rove did, it was very intentional. he knew exactly what he was doing. he essentially has done this throughout his career. so we shouldn't be surprised. you know, he mainstreamed this piece of gossip-x then you kind of try to say i didn't say -- i think i loved the first answer, which was i didn't say brain dama
and made it there's without their help we would have gone less jill born and rec and park karen this is their project (clapping) and i could go there are so symmany city starves (calling names) there so many people that contributed to this project i'm hoping to go into detail about the rec and park but i hope they know how much we appreciate their efforts. in our neighborhood we have neighborhood organizations that come together not for power but for service we have neighborhood organizations that serve not only their constituents but everyone in the neighborhood even people they don't know we have neighborhood organizations that serve the people in the neighborhood not only today but years from now. people we may never meet the people after us this project required the cooperation getting the land and making this happen the friends of joe demay this and the friends of the community center and the russian hill and the p t o or every single school in the area they've called people to meetings and written letters and lobbied for supervisor chiu and lobbied the mayor those people a
. susan davis of "usa today." and karen tumulty of "the washington post." >> award winning reporting and analysis covering history as it happens, live from our nation's capitol, this is "washington week with gwen ifill." corporate funding for washington week is provided by ora bora, fallujah, argon, normandy, medina ridge, these are places history will never forget, but more important are the faces we will always remember. additional corporate funding for "washington week" is provided by prudential, brigham & women's hospital. additional funding is also provided by the annenberg foundation, the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. once again, from washington, moderator gwen ifill. gwen: good evening. it's a perfect storm. allegations of government malfeasance, coverup, the possibility of lives lost and betrayal of our nation's heroes all culminating in multiple demands that heads roll. the growing scandal engulfing the department of veterans' affairs health programs is now the subject of several investigations.
's the goal, at least, of kendra maddox whose daughter karen is a high school senior. the family cannot afford to send her to a private university so they are searching for scholarships to sends her to community college. from damascus, or gone. good do see you both. kendra, tell me what you are doing, where you think you can end up sending karen to college and how you are going to manage the cost of it. >> well, we are hoping that some scholarships come through for her from some of the private universities she has applied to. but, you know, it's probably going to hopeful not but probably going to end up being community college transferring to portland state university. >> that's not her first choice, but, you know, it might be, end up being the smart choice. >> karen, let me ask you: what is it that you want to do with your future. >> with my future, i really want to become a chiropractor, and that takes a lot of time and money since i have to get a doctor degree in order to do it. so, for me right now, that's just going to community college and starting there. and hopefully saving money on t
now is chris fitz simon of north carolina policy watch and msnbc's karen finney. thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> hey, rev. >> chris, why this sudden push in north carolina to change the united states constitution? >> well, i wish i knew. i think it's clearly an effort by the tea party right, one of the founders of the convention on states is one of the leaders of the tea party patriots. we've seen this kind of thing in north carolina since 2011. the first day of our legislative session in 2013, there was literally a nullification rally on the lawn outside the legislative building, where legislators attended, where the state chairman of the republican party at the time praised the organizers, and it was all about nullifying laws of the federal gott. it reminds me of dr. king's favorite speech, the governor dripping with the words of nullification. >> in the speech they applaud, but leave the meaning of those lines out conveniently. >> absolutely, and we are back now to literally talking about nullification, and it's not just state legislators, senator rand paul ca
for five days. her car went off the road 80 miles southwest of denver. karen morfitt spoke with the first responders who helped rescue kristin. >> reporter: for nearly a week, 43-year-old, kristin hopkins was alone, trapped in her wrecked car and struggling to stay alive. now, with her family and friends by her side, the fight continues. >> we are hopeful for her prognosis, she was seriously injured with multiple internal and external injuries. >> reporter: she was first reported missing april 29th, two days after she was last seen leaving work. at some time, she crashed her car over the side of red hill on highway 285 just outside of fair play. firefighter jim cramer responded to the scene, but couldn't say how long it had been there, only hopkins could and she did. a red and write umbrella was found at the scene with her handwritten message on it. >> there was also bleeding, please help, see a doctor. the last one she wrote was six days without food and water. >> reporter: more than 140 feet from the roadway, it was likely she was hearing the traffic from this busy roadway passing her b
would like to thank is my wife, karen, who is my first editor, my first line of ending. my editor in new york says she is always pleased by have clean my manuscript is wave comes in. that is where karen has stood in between me. a better effort. so with that if you have any questions, would be glad to answer them. >> pictures. >> i gave up on that about 20 men to go. [laughter] that's pearl harbor. okay. you need new batteries in this thing. this was the memo that i think should have been out front page six column headline in the new york times and it came out, but they were preoccupied. the message that showed, these were the locations of the birds on january the 12th, the latitude and longitude that came out of the intelligence of the british and sent six. that looks like a pretty impressive force coming down to sink the ship. as i said, nothing was done. gathering in 1940. if anyone was done to keep them out of the infantry it would be. the 89. a plan that was universally disliked by the air crews. ironically it as a very good record overall says. the first to you those that were sough
. any questions. i wanted to thank karen from the bay area quality staff for helping to pioneer the project with it was with halted bikes; right? and the bike institution can i explain that >> i'm not the expert but my understanding it is company basis in toronto they provide them with the equipment and the proprietary software so that's what went bankrupt and their international in canada the international portion of the company was purchased we're waiting to determine what's going to happen with the systems but the same companies support of the negotiation system so hopefully, a a lot of big players. >> i'm pleased for our brothers and sisters in the east bay they've been waiting partially as we expand to the peninsula and the 2014 capitalization will not be detailed too much and good news about the mta seeking funds. i have a question about the private sector sponsor arresting and your recommendations when sdme supervisor avalos and a number of staff visited mexico city there were a number of sponsors with other cities are we luke pretively with a sponsor right now >> i c
a tour, check it out. carr ep and i decided -- karen and i decided to take it to the next level, and we had a slumber party. >> for science? >> absolutely for science. let's take a look. . >> reporter: believe it or not, cara and i are doing this for science. and this. and even this. admit it. >> smart tv. >> smart cara. >> we are pioneer guests in the 1944 square foot laboratory for sustainable living. honda teamed up with the university of california at davis. >> we want to get to a zero carbon future. >> if this is what zero carbon future looks like - it's awesome. >> this is a honda smart moment. >> welcome. >> the ground floor is full of furniture made from stapable materials. the floor, concrete, was constructed in a way to reduce carbon emissions. the kitchen is sleek, modern filled with modern appliances. upstairs, two bathrooms, a master with a killer bathroom. another standard room. i have my eye on the master. why is honda in the house business, to build a home to power itself and an electric car with energy to spare. michael con. >> g is the project leader. >> honda's involv
us to let this out. >> our community is chiming in . . . karen your work with doctor's without borders, how did you turn it off? >> well, i don't know that you turn it off, but you certainly learn how best to cope with it. yeah, i think the first thing is to be aware that you are impacted by what you see and what you are doing, and then to take that time. take that time in the evening to shut down and quiet yourself or one of the biggest things that happens in the field is people tend to work maybe 12 hours, 16 hours, and to not take that downtime in the evening. >> karen what about communities that experience natural disasters? floods, tornados, hurricanes, that's got to be an entire community affected with these sorteds of traumas. >> honestly what we see -- not everyone develops ptsd from trauma. a lot depends on what was going on previously. what was their trauma, the history, their mental health in general? so we see people coming with symptoms and those we can address, and i think the key there is early intervention. if we can get to those symptoms and help them manage th
for the houston area. let's go live to karen mcginnis. what is the latest? >> brianna, we have a very dynamic and dangerous situation taking place across a good portion of texas, including the coastal areas and west central texas. we'll focus in from corpus christi down towards houston. this is where the watch goes in effect until 9:00 local time. one particular cell moving off towards the northeast, very strong. already some reports of damage associated with this. this line just to the southwest of houston and the area right around roseburg. we've seen some trees fall down on homes. also, windows have been blown out of homes as well. this is expected to move off towards the northeast at just about 20 miles an hour. included in that is the fact that there's very heavy rain associated with this. so if a tornado does touch down, more than likely it is going to be rain-wrapped. all across texas, especially central and southern regions, we have flash flood warnings and flash flood watches out. now, remember, this is severe weather season. a warning, tornado warning or severe thunderstorm warning
into how's 250 karen caesar many is in the financial district all private bathrooms within this building and two 50 kearny is one of the better training grounded for narcotics by the police department if you walk into as to how building it's bright and light in it, it's brightly painted and a kitchen with rooms dedicated to staff to provide support that's one of the most sponsor important about the bash program it comes with a social worker per population it required a lot of forest on the part of john updyke we're competing with technology companies and others that were looking to master lease this this this is one of the most important things it's a time of building and putting in the bash the bash voucher is a section 8 where an individual veronica find a unit to rent or attach them to a project base we attach it to the unit a it remains assessable to veterans so one of the things with the leadership of mistakenly and working with other colleagues in the city we've applied for 70 private place vouchers to dedicate to this building and but all the buildings really require additional in
is safety advocate karen cohn. she's my friend as well. karen, so great to see you. i know this has become a huge part of your life. karen, so that our viewers know, you lost your son in 2007. >> yes. >> zachary was only 6 years old. tell us what happened. >> my son zachary was 6 years old. and he was a really great swimmer. and as parents, my husband, brian and i thought that we did everything we needed to do to keep him safe. and unfortunately we didn't know about the dangers lurking in our own backyard pool. >> it had to do with the drains, right? >> yes. >> i want everyone watching right now to know how unsafe some of these drains can be. what happened? >> yes, in our particular situation, zachary became entrapped in the pool drain. his arm became stuck and that's because the cover of the pool drain fell off. >> and you didn't know exactly where the emergency switch was. i think the lesson here was, you were home? >> yes. >> and still could do nothing to save him. >> right. >> now you have made it your life mission to make sure that this does not happen to any other child. i just want
in the "crossfire" tonight. democratic representative karen bass of california. and republican senator ron johnson of wisconsin. let me turn first to congresswoman, if i might. i can't believe i'm doing this. but i'm going to end up quoting maureen dowd of "the new york times." now, i have to confess, this for me is a new start. she said, "especially now that we have this scary world war iii vibe with the russians, we expect the president, especially one who ran as babe ruth, to hit home runs." now, as you know, he was quoted i think in manila as saying, well, he gets occasional singles. >> right. >> don't you think that standing up to putin requires babe ruth more than a guy hitting singles? isn't this really the big leagues? >> well, i think it's the big leagues. i think president obama is used to the big leagues and i think that his leadership on ukraine has been strong. the europeans now are stepping up to the plate and clearly it's going to take all of us. it's the sanctions from the united states, but it is also the sanctions -- >> i have to ask, if this has been strong -- >> yes. >> -- what
is karen and i have diabetic nerve pain. it's progressive pain. first you have that, that feeling of numbness. then you get the hot pins. it got to the point where i felt like, almost like lightning bolts, hot strikes into my feet. the pain was, it was... i just couldn't handle it, so my doctor prescribed lyrica. the pain has been reduced and i feel better than i did before. [ male announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda-approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or, swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight, including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or skin sores from diabetes. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have
-bladder. (liquid splashing) karen! what? are you sure i'm the only guy you've ever had sex with? why? oh, my god. karen! karen!
is retiring. one of them is karen handel. there's probably going to be a runoff. what do you think is going to happen? the tea party going to win? >> karen handel is an interesting candidate. sarah palin has endorsed her but is she a tea party candidate? what is interesting for her is what differentiates her from everyone is she's the only woman in the primary candidate. a week ago, if you were to talk to people who knew the race, followed the race, they would have thought that karen handel would come in third. >> you could wind up in this race with two establishment candidates or tea party versus establishment. so there's going to be a run off one way or the other. >> dana, go ahead. >> well, or you could end up with a democratic senator. >> right. >> taking the seat because of all of the fighting that you all are talking about and that is certainly the state that democrats have their eye on to try to beat back the republican -- what we expect to be republican gains that could lead them to get the majority, that is the state and we're hoping that this fighting against them helps. >> and th
was in the lead. fell to second place. now karen handle is moving up. in a couple of those counties, karen handle is outpacing jack kingston by three to one. if she continues to do well, she could close the gap. she's about six points behind right now. are there enough votes there? that's the big question we don't know the answer to. we still don't know how much of the vote is out there. now, if karen handle does proceed to run into the second place and make it into the run-off on the 22nd of july, poses some problems for her campaign. she's had a real problem raising money. david perdue has no problem raising money. that could put her in a position of being at a great disadvantage when it comes to flooding the air waves with those all important ads she would have to run. jack kingston, probably better position to run head-to-head against david perdue. at the moment, david perdue is winning the challenge tonight. he's going to go to that run-off election on the 22nd. it's very frustrating how slow it is for these results to come in. we may not know until after 11:00. >> i'm looking at the results
anything good to happen under this president because he's the wrong color. karen finney is my friend and colleague. two of them. >> whoo. let's go there. >> charlie crist says i was pushed out of the republican party because of their intolerance on race. and then you have rockefeller saying some people say obama is the wrong color. revolutionary, dangerous. what is your assessment, karen? >> well, one does not have to run for re-election, so that is very freeing for a lot of these numbers. this is when you really find out what they think. for crist, it's a little bit of 50/50. i believe him, that in his heart he believes that. he's also, let's be clear, a very smart politician. he knows that he needs the black vote that's going to be critical to him for a win in this race. 50/50 i would say. >> are you calling him a politician? >> heavens, no. no, no, no, never. >> the interesting thing about charlie crist, the things that really made the republican party angry with him included holding those lines open in 2008 when a lot of african-american voters were really overjoid he had done it
perdue, a businessman and brother, i believe, of the former governor and karen handel, the three of them have emerged at the front of the pack. >> i think the fact is they've spent the most money. this is a primary that's going to spend a lot per voter and i think your numbers say about 600,000 republicans will vote and roughly $5 million to $7 million spent to buy each one of those votes. and so i think the reality is paul broun you, while having a grassroots appeal, didn't have the cash. david perdue could self-fund. kingston was supported by the u.s. chamber of commerce and karen handel was able to capitalize on very strong support from sarah palin and other tea party groups. >> when you look at this math there's a contested primary you have to be thinking to yourself, okay, what does turnout look li like? i imagine you're up in the fall as your fellow members in the legislature. the what democrats will be coming out to georgia? what number of them, what percentage do you need to come out for someone like michelle nunn or perhaps jason carter or anyone else to have a shot statewide or
and karen finney, former communicator for dnc. pleasure to have you both here. i'll start with you, robert, do you buy this politico story about hillary clinton's team calling the shots? >> well, it seems to probably be a little truth to the story that they are a little concerned because they want to protect their boss and make sure there's a democratic voice on the republican committee. i think it's great. i think it's great for transparency sake and let's remind everyone here, you know this better than anyone else, four americans died. and we still don't know all of the specific answers here. what we do know is those quote -- unquote talking points -- >> karen is making faces at you. >> karen? >> we know exactly what happened. we know all of the facts. even, what we have now is people leading this effort saying we don't know what we don't know but we're going to go find it as if to say we're going to go on the witch hunt no matter what you say. >> this is ultimately a good thing, whether there is any intimation on what should be on the committee for hillary clinton's camp, no way to veri
rodham clinton. msnbc's own karen finney and josh barro from the "new york times." stick around. >>> from the frozen tundra deep inside the white house kitchen, richard sherman and his seahawk sous chefs are hard at work to create a healthy school lunch that kids will love. this is how champions are made. let's go to our sideline reporter to hear more. >> richard, take me through your final plate. >> well, let me tell you. we the best chefs in the game. so when you try us with an easy meal like salmon cakes and succotash, that's the result you're going to get. >> god, i love that. richard sherman reprising his post-playoff victory role on the sidelines with michelle obama promoting the let's move campaign. join meg now my msnbc colleague karen finney, host of "disrupt." also former press secretary to then first lady hillary rodham clinton and msnbc contributor josh barro co-host of the upshot for the "new york times." and karen, i've just been amaze at the invective level at michelle obama. it seems there were some people who said what can we do that's going to be good for the world that'
? joining me is karen finney, host of "disrupt" here on msnbc and robert trayhnum, michelle obama is getting blow back from this and they released a statement that was quite strong. what's the rationale behind the waiver against providing these healthier more expensive foods? >> well, ronan, i think you hit the nail on the head. it's a temporary waiver for school districts out there who have said we are having some financial difficulty here and b we cannot comply right now from a financial standpoint with the first ladies and laws initiatives. they are asking for a temporary waiver to have a little bit of reprieve here. i find it slightly offensive, i'm not a parent but for the first lady or anyone to say that the congress is not looking out for children, that suggests that members of congress are not parents themselves and also to suggest that congress does not have the right to hold the administration accountable. to go back to your question, it's a temporary waiver and thus -- >> to blunt the financial impact. >> that's correct. >> if making sure kids have good nutrition is a priority and
problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. [ karen ] having less pain, that means everything to me. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. to hear more of karen's story, visit >>> and next tonight new ways to face your fears. 25% of americans are afraid to fly. tonight the pilot with secrets to calm you down. abc tells us why they call him the plane whisperer. >> reporter: this is the face of the fear of flying. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! >> reporter: for millions of americans the mere thought of being trapped on a plane is pure white knuckle, chest thumping, i can barely breath, fear. >> i just don't want this to happen anymore. >> reporter: and that's where captain nielson steps in a retired air force pilot, he teaches a week long course at phoenix arizona's international airport. students call him the plane whisperer. it's estimated 25% of fliers have some fear. for this group it's moderate to severe and that despite knowing the numbers, your chances of dying in a plane crash is 1 in 60 million. >> does
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 390 (some duplicates have been removed)